Do you want more ease and consistency in your business?

Step into a soulful system that moves your most aligned clients from discovery to investment to grow your business and give you back more time to do what you most love.

Have you ever got caught in the trap of following the next bright shiny object, because someone told you they had a five-figure month from using the latest fad platform. But when YOU tried it you either got zero results OR it gave you a quick win, but then the platform changed the rules and you were back to square one - trying to figure out another system to use?

Imagine setting a system up once. One that was in alignment with your values and those of your ideal client.

And imagine if it created the type of consistency you could scale to grow your business?

If you're tired of the complicated systems, chasing fads and having inconsistent income, I want you to know that developing your own soulful client pathway (aka a non-icky sales funnel) will bring more ease and elevation. It will not only help you build a list of fans who love what you stand for, but move those fans through a pathway that adds value to their lives and has them eagerly wanting to work with you.

 Are you ready to stop struggling and start building your business soulfully and with more ease?


The Soulful Client Pathway Kit is the signature system I use with high end clients that moves your ideal clients from discovery to investment through systems, strategy and storytelling.

This has allowed me to help clients triple their email lists, half fill an event before marketing officially began for it, effortlessly attract high end clients, spend $10 on Facebook ads and make $100, and generate new memberships while they sleep.

This is what I want for YOU too.


Here's what you get inside the Soulful Client Pathway Kit:

Client Pathway Video Course

Through this five-part video course, I will guide you through the systems, storytelling and strategy needed to create your client pathway in alignment with what your values are and those of your ideal client. The training moves you through your best traffic strategies, the perfect lead magnet for your ideal client, essential pages to bridge your system together, the email pathway that nurtures towards a sale and the importance of an Introductory Product.

Client Pathway Workbook

Complementing the video course, this workbook will help you map each of the five sections of the system to give you the clarity needed to know what you're offering, how you're offering it and to who you're offering it to.

It also comes complete with examples to allow you to model what you're doing on some of the greats so you're not trying to reinvent the wheel.

Once the training and workbook are combined to help you set up your system, it will continue to bring in leads and sales for as long as you keep it running.

Client Pathway Email Content File

One place people trip up is knowing what emails make the best pathway for someone from your free gift to your introductory product.

While there are a few different types of email sequences that work well in this instance, I'm going to give you an entire swipe file of one of the sequences so you can implement quickly and easily - even if writing isn't your strong point.

Expect suggested email copy, clever calls to action to entice reader clicks and storytelling triggers built with the heart in mind.

And because I love to overdeliver (can't help myself!) and genuinely want to see you succeed, I'm also giving you a few


Client Pathway Resource Guide that gives you all the tech tools to simply building your system.

Mindset Manual includes my favourite mindset tools to keep YOU in peak performance mode so you continue to follow through and follow up.

90-day Marketing Wheel Worksheets to help you achieve consistency in your marketing and continue to bring in leads so your system keeps turning.


The Webinar Client Pathway will allow you to include a live or automated webinar into your system. With traditional PDF opt-ins converting at 1-3% and webinars converting anywhere between 5-30%... well, you do the math!

Are you ready to build a soulful client pathway that moves your most aligned clients from discovery to investment on autopilot, and finally gives you a business (and life) you love?

Click the button below to start implementing immediately...


GST will be applied for Australian residents.

The kit suited me perfectly, as my business is ready to grow and putting client pathways in place will definitely help me achieve that.
Through the kit, I've been able to create a welcome pathway that encourages a shop/buying mindset from the beginning (before I was thought of as an information site only) and I've increased open and clickthrough rates. I've also tweaked an eCourse pathway I have and have a clear understanding of what to do with subscribers at the end of the pathway.
The sample emails made it crystal clear on how to set up each email to naturally flow to the next one. That is pure gold when you're starting out with client pathways!

Kate Dalgleish

Naturopath at Charlie's Choice.