Are you ready to leverage your business with a soulful launch?

Uncover how to launch your next big thing through a soulful client pathway that will bring more ease, more joy and more ideal clients.

Have you tried to launch before and, after 30 hours of setting everything up, you generated just one $200 sale? Or maybe you haven’t had the nerve to even launch yet, because you’re afraid of what people might think of your offer? Or whether you’re expert enough to be teaching a program on your chosen topic?

But what if you launched… and what if you soared…?


So, what’s really stopping you?

When you find the perfect tools to help you overcome your limiting beliefs, when you set goals that are both realistic and stretch you, and when you have a framework that guides you through each step of a launch, you will truly learn to love the process – and the rewards that come with it.

Launching is not ONLY great for generating income for your business in a short space of time, but it’s also a fantastic way to build your list and put yourself on the radar of the industry heavyweights.

And, done right, you can walk away from your launch knowing you’ve impacted the lives of many people – whether they become clients or not.

THAT’S the true reward of launching.

Here’s how to do it…


The success kit is the culmination of having done many different launches for myself and high-end clients over the past five years. There’s been summits, webinars, challenges and video sequences for programs and services in business coaching, graphic design, life coaching, marketing, body awareness event… even a $250 million city master plan.

The results have included one client doubling their email list and generating a 5.5% sales conversion rate, another increasing their list by 1100 and a first-time launch generating $50,000.

Learn how YOU can achieve the same results

Here’s what you get inside the Complete Launch Success Kit:

Launch Map Template

This templates takes away the headache of knowing which open cart emails need to go when, what type of blog posts will draw your ideal client and the most effective methods for pre-launch content.

The Launch Map also comes complete with a Goals Sheet, Messaging Sheet and Metrics Sheet to not only make THIS launch a success, but improve on it each and every launch.

Soulful Launch Audio Training

During this 3-part training, you can work alongside me as I step you through the launch map and a simple process for creating a soulful launch using the pre-launch content strategy that works best for you AND your ideal client. I also share my top storytelling strategies to attract and convert during your open cart sequence to reach the goals you set in your Goals Sheet. Plus discover the common mistakes you need to avoid to prevent a failed launch.

Launch Email Content File

If you haven’t a clue what emails need to go out, let alone what they need to say, then the Launch Email Content File will make the creative process easier.

The file includes suggested copy for each sales email, clever calls to action to get readers clicking and soulful key psychological triggers built with the heart in mind. No icky sales copy.

And because I truly want to see you succeed, I’m also including a few BONUSES:

  • Launch Resource Guide that gives you all the tech tools to simplify your launch process.
  • Mindset Manual includes my favourite mindset tools to keep your launch AND yourself in peak performance mode.
  • Six-Weeks To Launch Checklist which gives you weekly action items to tackle to keep you on track and avoid any last-minute, late night panics.


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